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Westmead Hospital
Monash Health
Bunbury Hospital
Melbourne Health
Derby Hospital (UK)
Wellington Hospital (NZ)

hTrak has been designed as a point of use data capture solution for the Healthcare environment. Using the latest handheld mobile scanning technology, hTrak decodes industry standard barcodes to accurately identify devices used in these environments. When combined with other data elements, hTrak enables accurate identification of the elements of a procedure and the associated costs.


What Makes Us Different

Before we outline the benefits that flow from a hTrak implementation it is important to understand the aspects of our solution that make us different from all other solutions on the market.  Learn More....

Latest Software


Microsoft Applications

Up to the minute software
is installed on all handhelds

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Capture Data

Capture the agreed data elements in the operational environment through the use of an approved and certified mobile handheld scanner.

Synchronise Data

Connect to the hTrak Web Server and accurately synchronise the captured data. Reliable Internet connectivity to be provided by the client. 

Access Data

Provide reliable access to the synchronised data for client authorised personnel or processes.